The Scenic Route

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“Do not pray for an easy life… Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” 

-Bruce Lee 

Whoa Bruce! Why would we not pray for an easy life? Isn’t the goal to live life free of strife and any sort of conflict? 

Here at the Daily Hustle, we talk all the time about the importance of the ability to ENDURE. 


Well… Because as our dude Bruce knows, growth only occurs when we learn how to appropriately respond to all of life’s happenings, good, bad and ugly. It’s these challenging times that allow us to embrace the ultimate sh*t shows with strength in our heart and a smile on our face.

The real reason why we don’t pray for an easy life is that there isn’t such a thing, nor would we want it that way. The straight yellow brick road to Narnia is non-existent, and if it was, it would be a boring ass road anyways. What we are looking for is the scenic route with twists, turns and gigantic hills to descend and steep mountains to climb… 

That my Go Hards is what gives us our self-worth and grander purpose in life… 

This isn’t about us and trying to live our happiest lives overindulged in useless self-centered shit satisfying every instinctual pleasure… It’s about figuring out a way to make a positive impact every single day we are alive.

Ideally, when it’s all said and done, we will leave this world better than we found it, but the only way that is possible is by taking the scenic route.