The Servant

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Recently finished one of the better books I’ve listened to in a while… 

Possibly I feel this way because the golden nuggets of wisdom were delivered through a parable that the narrator absolutely drilled with his spot on impersonations and flawless inflections. 

Ultimately the book, The Servant, is about servant leadership which unquestionably is the most powerful form of leadership, but the definition of the “servant leader” most likely isn’t exactly what you think it is… 

Leadership is explained as the ability to inspire and influence others while the servant is described as meeting the needs of those entrusted in your care…

“Needs” is the keyword here because being a servant leader isn’t about fulfilling the wants and desires of others (ie. private jets, yachts, hookers & blow) but rather figuring out exactly what somebody needs to survive & thrive in an efficient and effective manner… 

“Professor EB!!! PJ’s, floating mansions, prostitutes & booger sugar may not be needs of yours but they are definitely needs of mine!!!”

Well good morning Mr. SuperSoft… As much as you think these overindulgent luxury items typically associated with negative returns are real needs of yours, they are actually just selfish impulsive wants…

As author James Hunter pointed out, our human needs are pretty basic but undoubtedly go well beyond the food, water & shelter survival resources…

Hunter brilliantly lays out what we really need, and with the right training and understanding, the servant leader can easily provide: 

  • Respect
  • Appreciation 
  • Communication 
  • Encouragement 
  • To be listened to 
  • Accountability 
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Rules of the house 
  • Honesty about performance 
  • Feedback

You see Stevie, even though you are an absolute mess of a person, we here at the Daily Hustle always show you respect, appreciate your shortcomings, communicate beautifully, encourage your path to change, hold you accountable for your despicable actions, lay out reasonable boundaries, demand you adhere to the rules of the Hustle and continue to give you honest feedback about your consistent lackluster performances…

By taking care of your needs, we are fulfilling our duty as a servant leader and inevitably will EARN the power to INSPIRE & INFLUENCE your life…

That all said Mr. SuperSoft, the Daily Hustle 22 Day Challenge starts Monday and although this may not be a want of yours, it is a NEED so click on the link below, sign up and then share with the rest of your degenerates… This will be the first step in your long and arduous transformation process from self centered righteous prick to selfless servant leader… 


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Humble Servant

Note: For those not interested in the DHC 22, we will be back Feb 23rd with regularly scheduled Daily Hustles, but the only Daily Hustles delivered between Feb 1st and Feb 22nd will be of the DHC 22 variety, which not only come with a challenge but there will also be daily inspirational messages and golden nuggets of wisdom to continue to help all of us CHARGE through life. 👊