SHOW UP 🙋‍♂️

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A lot of people have tried to uncover the formula for success and the equations can often be extremely complex… 

Even here at the Daily Hustle we are constantly looking for new ways to hack the system in an attempt to be more efficient and effective with our time. 

Specific routines coupled with a hard charging, no quit egoless spirit are vital in order to be successful in any endeavor, but there is actually one simple thing that we so often forget to do that can completely abolish everything we have worked so hard for…


We can have a grand plan and we can take many of the steps necessary to get us where we want to go, but when we fail to SHOW UP for whatever reason, our previous actions and words become obsolete and go to complete shit.

Of course we will all face days when plans must be altered, but our consistency in attendance is what ultimately builds relationships, strengthens bonds and enhances overall individual and team production.

Each year before spring training I would arrive at camp at least 2 weeks early… I didn’t do this because I needed a place to work out and take batting practice, but I SHOWED UP because that’s what allowed me to establish a daily routine and develop relationships with coaches and teammates that would give myself and the team the best chance for success. 

We are in the midst of unprecedented times and it’s becoming easier and easier to go live on an island of one where we hide behind emails, text messages and isolated work… We make it easy to give ourselves every excuse to push off today’s activities for tomorrow… Yet the reality is that in order for us to even sniff what success might taste like, we must hold ourselves accountable for our actions and that starts with the simplest and most mundane thing we can possibly imagine…




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