When sh*t happens 💩

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In reading What You Do Is Who You Are by Ben Horowitz, he has entire sections dedicated to historical happenings and societies that serve as guiding principles that generally give amazing insight on what it takes to create successful cultures… 

The ancient Samurai who were prominent in Japanese culture from the 12th to mid 19th century had a reverence about them that was second to none.

The Samurai carried an unwavering loyalty and respect and took an oath that directly held them accountable to their actions…

I will never fall behind others.
I will always be ready to serve my lord.
I will always honor my parents.
I will serve compassionately for the benefit of others. 

As much as I love the Samurai oath, there is one piece of Samurai wisdom that trumps all others and I believe to be the most savage sage knowledge & truth we should all be able to digest, meditate upon, and then virtuously implement into our lives… 

“The extent of one’s courage or cowardness cannot be measured in ordinary times… All is revealed when something happens.”

Hot Damn!!!!

That’s IT… 

It’s easy to be courageous during the fantasyland times… It’s easy to say and do all the right things when life is composed of roses, fairies and unicorns. Yet who are we when life becomes difficult and showered with strife? Who are we when shit hits the fan, sprays everyone in the room and then all of the fingers point at us proclaiming it’s our fault…

Will we be courageous or cowardly? 

It’s a choice and the only time we will ever get the true answer is when shit happens. 💩 



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