Spartan UP

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Just recently was tasked by Spartan managing editor Brad Kallet with picking 6 MLB players that have the potential to make great Spartan racers…  

Spartan is obstacle course racing and many will argue it is the ultimate combination of speed, strength, endurance and mental strength. That said, I had the honor to complete the Ultra Beast 30 mile, 60 obstacle, 10,000 feet of elevation gain/decent at Squaw Valley in September. 

Needless to say, it was a complete and total ball buster. Sure, it takes a unique athlete, but most importantly, it takes a special person willing to embrace the SUFFER. Because I lack intimate knowledge of each individual, I may be off on this, but from my knowledge, here are the chosen ones I feel would have the capacity to ENDURE… 

  1. Mike Trout, Angels – Ultimate combo of speed and strength would give him an edge unseen on a Spartan course… His size (240 lbs.) would definitely work against him on a longer course, but on a short course, the world’s most humble superstar he would flat out DOMINATE. 
  2. Mookie Betts, Red Sox – He is quick, agile and possibly the best all around athlete in the game.  Betts is light enough to go long if he had to and fast enough to hang with anybody on a shorter course. Oh yea, Betts is also a world class bowler with several 300 games under his belt… That wide range skill set can’t hurt. 
  3. Alex Bergman, Astros – Like Betts, his size would work to his advantage and his athletic skills are incredibly refined.  Most importantly, Bergman possesses the mental fortitude to withstand whatever obstacles he would encounter. Put simply, this dude is a savage. He belongs on a Spartan course. 
  4. Josh Reddick, Astros – Josh has shown spider man like skills climbing outfield walls and his body is lean enough to be one of the few MLB players who has the potential to build a legit endurance base to potentially take on the Ultra distance.  Reddick is also a Pro Wrestling super fan with Ric Flair being his idol. Needless to say, head bands, mankini’s and “wooooooooooooooo” are just a part of who Josh is and perfectly align with the Spartan wardrobe & rallying cry.  
  5. Aaron Judge, Yankees – You can’t say the word Spartan and not think of Aaron Judge.  He’s 6’7, built like a Greek God and his athleticism is off the charts. Obviously his height and weight would work against him on any Spartan course but just the mere presence of this dude would instantly make Spartan a legit spectator sport.  
  6. Max Scherzer, Nationals – A former teammate of mine with the Arizona Diamondbacks, take one look at Scherzer and you will feel like you have already seen him out on a Spartan course. His enthusiasm and intensity is unmatched by anybody I have ever played with in my life.  He is one of the few pitchers that runs long distances in between starts so his endurance could possibly be the best in the game right now. Not sure how his 98 mph fastball will translate to the spear throw but gosh damn I’d love to see it.  

For Daily Hustle purposes, let’s think outside the box and ponder what other job, sport or hobby our skills could possibly translate well to… 

So often, we become stuck in our world and refuse to step out of our comfort zone. Doubtful if any of the above dudes will ever venture into Spartan racing, but I can guarantee you if they ever do, they will have one hell of an experience.