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Been sitting on a video since a friend sent it to me after Garth Brooks took home his 7th CMA Entertainer Of The Year award in November… 

Years back, I had the opportunity to be a part of Garth’s charity “Teammates For Kids” and because we were donors, we got invited to a private concert with Garth and Trisha that only included about 100 people. 

After the show, we had the incredible opportunity to hang with Garth in his villa, and I was amazed to see how down to earth and normal of a dude that he was.

Sure, we all hear stories about how he or she is such an awesome person, but the reality is that when people are forced to put their best foot forward, it’s pretty easy to play the role. 

What I want to know is what’s that person like behind the curtains when the cameras aren’t rolling and how do they treat other people when nobody else is watching? 

Most importantly, how do they treat their loved ones and the ones who work for and with them on a regular basis… 

Through my limited time getting a chance to hang with Garth, he seemed to be everything and more than people described… He was engaging, humble, witty and his baseball fandom & knowledge was simply off the charts.

This was roughly 15 years ago when Garth was on top of his game and at the absolute peak of his fame… Quite simply, he was one of the biggest stars in the world and even as great as he was, it seemed inevitable that he would soon fade off into the pasture to live happily ever after with his plethora of already created number one hits.

So the golden question now becomes how in the fuck did Garth Brooks just take down his 7th CMA Entertainer Of The Year award so many years after his perceived peak??? 

A buddy of mine was in Nashville hanging with Garth’s crew and took a video of Garth addressing his band and people immediately after winning the 2019 CMA Entertainer Of The Year award… 

“Number 7!!!!! This one just feels better than all of them combined. What I love about it is that we pick it up when we are doing dive bars and stadiums at the same time. If it stops today I’m fine, but if it means stop playing with you guys today, I’m not… So let’s just keep playing no matter if these awards come or not. You guys are the fucking entertainers of the year!!!!” 

When I first saw the video it literally gave me the chills… The authenticity and passion that Garth spoke with resonated deep within me and clearly answered how and why he has been able to maintain unprecedented success throughout the years.  

It’s not pure luck, it’s not pure talent, it’s a lifestyle dedicated to adaptation, growth and most importantly developing selfless relationships with people who share the very same commitments, work ethics and goals… 

Ultimately, it’s these things that drive us to become the very best we are capable of becoming while completely immersing ourselves in the process of execution.  

Let’s just make sure to remember what got us there when it’s our turn to deliver THE SPEECH. 🗣



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