The Fire Hose or the Sprinkler…

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Was listening to Joel Osteen the other day when he was talking about spreading his faith… 

He referred to something his father John said that has helped Joel grow one of the largest followings in the world: 

“Don’t be a fire hose, be a sprinkler.” 

Obviously, religion can be a touchy subject and many people are immediately turned off at the mere mention of it… Yet Joel and other faith based leaders of all denominations are challenged to continue to spread their message and grow their following… The entire ministry depends on it.

Of course, they are going to have their core fellowship, but what is the best strategy to influence outsiders to become insiders??? 

As we have discussed many times here in the Daily Hustle, people don’t follow words, they follow actions… So when we go about living our lives in an authentic and productive manner that positively influences others, people take notice and eventually many of those same people realize: “I want what they are having.” 

As Joel’s father suggested though, this isn’t done with a fire hose. This isn’t done by bombarding people with your holier than thou belief system that you try to ram down somebody’s throat… 

This is done by walking the walk and sharing your story in a respectful and humble way that will genuinely resonate with people… This is done by being a sprinkler of love that has no off switch and is constantly flowing nourishment to all others around you.

So next time we can’t wait to share our message, remember the only thing the fire hose is going to do is knock them on their ass…

The sprinkler, on the other hand, is going to help them grow. 


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