The Starting 9

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Each day, a manager in baseball is expected to fill out a lineup card with the names of 9 players that he feels will give the team the best chance to win that day…

The lineup card also consists of reserves. These are the players who do not start the game but oftentimes have the greatest impact on the ultimate outcome.

All great managers know that in order to optimize team performance, he must do everything in his power to put his guys into advantageous situations that give each individual player the best chance to succeed… The manager must also learn to delegate power to other coaches on his staff and trust their guidance while maintaining autonomy.

All great managers also know they will face difficult decisions that are not clearly quantifiable through advanced statistical metrics. Critical decisions within the game must be made swiftly and confidently, knowing damn well an internal flip of a coin may have just won or lost the game…


The Problem:

The game of baseball, just like the game of life, is driven by emotionally irrational human beings oftentimes making emotionally irrational decisions.

Ultimately, our success is dependent on our ability to react to those decisions and subsequent events that are completely outside of our control.

Human Crash Test Dummy Solution:

Fill out a lineup card with the core principle players we feel will give us the absolute best chance to win the day.

Prepare a game plan addressing the different scenarios we may encounter throughout the course of the game.

Confidently react with a smile on our face to the inevitable situations that will undoubtedly incite a moment of emotional rage which forces us to ponder the beautiful question that repeatedly graces our lives.


Go Hard Task:

Who are the starting 9 principle players in your life that you want to go to battle with each day?

List them… NOW.

1) ________________________________

2) ________________________________

3) ________________________________

4) ________________________________

5) ________________________________

6) ________________________________

7) ________________________________

8) ________________________________

9) ________________________________