Stay Young 👦🏼

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What moved you as a kid? 

What fired you up to the point that you couldn’t sleep the night before it was happening the next day? 

What was it that lit a fire in you and had you thinking about it every waking and dreaming moment? 

We all have different things that motivated us as a child but the key to all of this is that we ALL had something… 

As we have gotten older we become desensitized to many of the world’s offerings and often lose that passion that gave our lives purpose and meaning… Part of the reason is human nature, part of the reason is outside influences and part of the reason is ego. 

Ironically, the most successful people that I know in my life are the ones that still hold the childlike enthusiasm about the people, places and things in their life… They are the ones that light up when they speak and seem to be on this constant quest to acquire and share knowledge… 

“But Professor EB, I’m only 21 years old and I’ve already lost my luster for life… Nothing fires me up except for Fortnite… That’s actually the only thing that keeps me going.” 

Good morning Mr. Super Soft… The reason Fortnite is all that inspires your world is because pathetically, it is all that you do.

Spending 10 hours a day playing a video game is not only destructive to your brain but it is detrimental to your life… Fortnite disallows you to discover all of the other things that have the potential to spark your child like instincts and open your world to new possibilities.

The only way to discover is to seek… The only way to seek is by letting our guard down and countering the ever growing constant resistance with the ATTITUDE & ACTION of our childlike self…

Stay young 👦🏼 



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