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Got caught up a couple weeks ago with a big bike/run training day followed by writing a few Daily Hustles, then knocking out some podcasts… 

Before I knew it, it was 3pm and I needed to go get the kids at school, take them to karate and then baseball. It wasn’t until I dropped the kids off at karate and hit up Starbucks for my “Grande Extra Hot Flat White” afternoon caffeine fix that I realized I had an incredibly efficient day with minimal to ZERO distractions… 

At this point, I hit the text message icon on my phone and had 57 unread text messages. 😳

My immediate feelings of anxiety and “holy shit balls” quickly subsided as I easily ripped through each and every one of the texts in just a few short minutes… Of Course, it helped that about 20 of the messages happened to be from our UCLA Fantasy Football shit talking crew.

Ultimately, it took me no more than 20 minutes to respond to all 57 and I was caught up on my day… Yet, imagine if I had my text message notifications on like 99% of the rest of the world. My entire day would have been filled with constant pings in my pocket and an ever lasting FOMO of something grand happening… 

Instead, there were ZERO pings, not even a buzz to so much as get me to break stride in the sprint of life.

“But Byrnes, what if there is an emergency and somebody needs to get a hold of you?” 

Hey!!!! Stevie SuperSoft. 

“Here’s the deal Stevie: Way back in the crazy decade called the 2000’s, people still actually picked up their phone and called each other. There was an actual voice on the other end of the line; it was really cool.  I still keep my ringer on so if somebody needs to get ahold of me, all they actually have to do is call!!! That said, the amazing thing is that while I received 57 text messages through the course of the day, I got ZERO phone calls… So Stevie, if you ever have an emergency and need to get a hold of me, just give me a shout. I’ll probably send you to my voicemail I disabled but if that’s the case, just text me and let me know you called… I’ll eventually read the text when I’m done with my shit for the day and I may or may not get back to you… Make sense? Cool. HARDEN UP Stevie… It’s a f*ckin wild world we live in now.”