Ideas Worth Spreading 👣

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Was just listening to a Tony Robbins podcast that featured serial entrepreneur Bill Gross… 

Bill began selling candy in junior high school, made $400, fell in love with the business world and has gone on to start hundreds of companies since… 6 of which have become billion-dollar-plus companies… 

Bill has plenty of rules that he has developed through years of experience, but there was one that he shared that really resonated and got me thinking… 

  1. You need to find a contrarian idea that is true
    An idea that hasn’t become a consensus yet… But you KNOW it is true. 

Damn, that’s BRILLIANT. 

An idea worth spreading does not have to be a genius idea that you somehow miraculously pulled out of your ass, but it does have to be an idea that is not already established as a uniformed way of thinking… Nobody wants to hear what everybody already knows, yet people do appreciate confirmation of a truthful alternative belief that undoubtedly adds VALUE to people’s lives. 

That got me pondering what in my life do I hold as a universal standard in my world, yet is still way off the grid of most people’s radar? 🤔

A LOT actually… 

But let’s start with something that I have implemented in my daily routine for the past 10 years and has had an incredibly positive impact on my overall health… 

Foot Reflexology 👣

The benefits of foot reflexology, which include increased blood flow, joint/muscle pain relief, mental alertness stimulation and drastically reduced stress levels are TRUE, yet definitely not universally known or recognized amongst the masses… 

This is something that I believe in so much that I have a Foot Reflexology Board at our place in Half Moon Bay, Tahoe, NYC, at the MLB Network studios, and I even travel around with an extra in my backpack just in case I need to satisfy a sudden urge to step on it. 

So… Fuck IT! 

Because we here at the Daily Hustle like to put our money where our writing and mouths are, for pure entertainment’s sake, Team GoHard has now joined the foot reflexology board business and just received 1000 custom Team Go Hard FootBoards to sell off to our Daily Hustlers:

I’m not a salesman and have absolutely no desire to be one, but there are two things I really enjoy sharing that I KNOW have a shit ton of value:

Daily Hustle messages and FOOT REFLEXOLOGY LOVE. 🤗

That said, it’s probably a good idea to jump on these bad boys, literally & figuratively… these fuckers will go QUICK.

BTW — don’t be afraid to order multiple boards, we need at least one for the home and office. 👍 

They are also fantastic gifts that keep on giving, in a good way (not a herpes way). 

And one more thing…

Not all foot reflexology boards are created equal.

So if you are thinking about another brand that comes with softer pegs, immediately unsubscribe from this email list… I’m pretty sure there is a Team Go Soft board & blog you will be able to find & follow…

I have done A LOT of research… and these boards are by far and away from the best quality and most durable boards out there. Do you think Team GoHard would do it any other way??? ✊

So if you’re a Savage fellow GoHard looking to add some straight 🔥to your daily routine, click the link below to be one of the first to get your Team GoHard Foot Reflexology Board:

Again, these suckers are in stock, ready to ship… But they will go FAST.

We appreciate your support of Team GoHard and your commitment to CHARGE ON LIVING LIFE FULL OUT… And your 👣 will thank me later. 👍


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