Then die…

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Since I Just finished re-listening to a book written by Kyle Stone all about Bruce Lee and the incredible wisdom he left the world, let’s stick with the Bruce theme for the rest of the week. 👊

There is a story in the book that talks about when Bruce Lee was training a Hollywood screenwriter and had him running 3 miles a day… 

Bruce then instructed the man to run 5 miles. Disbelieving he could complete the 5, the dude finished the 4th mile and cried out that he might have a heart attack and die…

Bruce’s response: “THEN DIE.” 

F*ck I love that. 

Bruce felt that if we put limits on the things that we do, those limits will spread to every aspect of our life… Thus, if we limit ourselves, we will never truly live, so we might as well die. 

Once we are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice and come to grips with the angel of death, it’s amazing the liberation that takes place. 

In the midst of last summer’s Let Them Play Tri Across America, I met up with a triathlete buddy from AZ named Jay somewhere in the middle of Ohio. As Jay and I were knocking out some hard charging miles, we decided to send our old triathlon coach Frank Sole a message. 

I pulled out the phone and began to shoot the selfie of me and Jay running. I started the vid and loudly called out:

“Give me some Frank action…”

Jay then continued…

“You’ll die before you pass out, oh wait NO…

You’ll pass out before you’ll die…”

It was 100 degrees with insane humidity… The heat index was up near 120 degrees and the funny thing is that I actually felt as if I was going to pass out. Yet, I also knew the only thing I could do was take care of what was within my control including proper nutrition and hydration.

Once we take precautionary measures, it’s time to PUSH and PUSH HARD… When we eventually let go of our fears, we will AMAZE ourselves with the self-imposed boundaries we will be able to absolutely obliterate.💥 

Yup, we all will die, most likely it won’t be on our next run, but if it does happen, my dude Jay has some good news for us… “We will pass out before we die.” 

Something tells me Bruce would be proud of that perspective. 🤷‍♂️