Train Wisely

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“Under duress, we do not rise to our expectations – we fall to the level of our training.” 



Bruce Lee said a lot of insightful and valuable shit in his day, but this here could possibly be his greatest nugget of wisdom.

It’s safe to say that never in my life had I experienced anything like my first day in the big leagues…

Everything from the call up the night before, the two plane flights, getting stuck outside the stadium because I did not have an MLB Players card, and stepping foot on a big league field for the first time all undoubtedly put me in a state of “duress.” 

Yet when I got into the batter’s box for the first time in my career, I felt as if a 10,000 pound weight had been lifted off my shoulders. No longer did I have to deal with the anxiety created by overwhelming anticipation… 

Amidst the chaos, a peace and calm reigned over me. This was the moment I officially fell to the level of my training, and to be completely honest, I knew I had trained my entire life for that moment… 

A few pitches later, the ball was scalded up the middle for my first major league hit… 

Whether it was my first day in the show, any Ironman, 100 mile race, Triathlon Across America or the 24 Hour World Record Speed Golf attempt, these grand events were always preluded with some form of “duress.” 

Not shocking, in each one of these events did I ever rise to unrealistic expectations… 

Instead, I fell to my level of training. 

Train wisely, 



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