Don’t be a turkey 🦃

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Based on our current environment, it’s only natural that worry and fear are overwhelming our society…

It’s easy to say “don’t worry,” but the reality is that in general, human beings are over-emotional creatures that take their feelings way too personal.

This often leads to ridiculous, uncontrollable, instinctual actions that typically are unwarranted and end up creating a gigantic shit storm solely based upon fear itself.

Aesop was a famous Greek fabulist that lived almost 3000 years ago and left us with several nuggets of wisdom, including the story about the fox & the turkeys:

“A fox spied some turkeys roosting in a tree. He managed to attract their attention and then ran about the tree, pretended to climb, walked on his hind legs, and did all sorts of tricks. Filled with fear, the Turkeys watched every one of his movements until they became dizzy, and one by one fell from their safe perch.

By too much attention to danger, we may fall victim to it.” 

Look, we all need to be aware of the fox and take precautionary measures to protect ourselves, but when we become fixated and over indulged on the perceived potential problem, it is very likely we will attract the very thing that we fear and want to avoid… 

Ironically, whenever I would have a bad game and thought it was the end of the world, my Dad would always say… 

“Don’t be a turkey.” 

I thought I understood what he was saying, but after reading from our dude Aesop, Dad’s words all of a sudden hold a much larger impact… 

Gobble Gobble. 🦃 



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