Just Turn On The Light

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I get it, life’s not always ferry’s & unicorns… Sometimes you may receive the Daily Hustle in your inbox and simply say:

“Not today Byrnes.” 

You got a lot of shit going on and you don’t have time to eat breakfast, let alone take 3 minutes to read a Daily Hustle which usually suggests you need to go spend another couple hours exercising and meditating on the #TeamGoHard Foot Reflexology Board

We often become overwhelmed by all of life’s happenings and we shut off a lot of what we consider outside noise so we can focus on the grind of dealing with our problems… 

We believe that isolating ourselves and relentlessly working really hard is the only option, but the truth is actually quite different. When our lives and our work become too much, instead of crawling back into our turtle shells, this is the time we need to be relying on the Daily Hustles of the world to keep us going…

When we are able to come out of the trenches and step back for a few minutes, that is the exact time when we are able to gain an invaluable perspective and often find nuggets of gold that will inevitably lead us back to treasure island…

Even through the darkest times we encounter, the answers we are looking for are almost always right in front of us, yet we will never be able to see them if we don’t TURN THE FUCKING LIGHT ON. 



P.S. Have you hopped on a Team GoHard Foot Reflexology Board yet?