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As we discussed in yesterday’s Daily Hustle, there are immense benefits to creative writing and writing poetry in particular… 

Hopefully, you guys enjoyed my “Stay B.A.M.F’s” masterpiece that should be taking home the next Nobel Prize In Literature… If you missed yesterday’s poetic brilliance, slap yourself in the face then go back and read it now. 🤦‍♂️ (Nevermind, don’t touch your face). 

For those of you already enlightened and still with us, as you should remember, we also asked you to give us your best Robert Frost impersonation… Not surprisingly, my wing dude, my right hand man and partner in the epic endurance endeavor world, quickly produced this fucking GEM… Enjoy. 


Looking for a smile, All I see is a frown,
The world so upside down,
Fears of people living in a shantytown,
Some don’t seem to mind, still willfully blind.

Across the world from a market in Wuhan,
Now can’t touch something that’s been blew on,
Rest easy my fellow human,
Live slaughters wet zoonotic,
People claiming it’s cacodemonic. 

From Arizona to Iran,
Cargo planes full of PPE & contraband,
Now going outside is banned,
I beg of you my fellow China man,
Please don’t eat that Pangolin.

You see this is the moment,
The great carpenter in the sky says enjoy it,
Let your inner citadel rule,
Your church, your school are already inside you.

How can we use it for good,
Would it really be so bad if we had less food,
Let’s fill our bellies with gratitude,
Now sitting with yourself where can you run,
Who will you become when it’s all done.

People around the world traveling by hearse,
Don’t let your heart be troubled it’s not a curse,
Let us come together and sing ONE SONG,
Yes, one song, isn’t that the definition of the UNI-VERSE.

– #Kowalski 

Reply to this email with your poetry submissions and we will review and crown a Daily Hustle Poetic Prophet. We will then share and analyze your work in an upcoming Daily Hustle. 👊

Good luck Go Hards. May the power of fluidity, wit and efficient and effective writing savagery be with you. 📜



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