Use IT or Lose IT

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Obviously, we talk a lot about exercise here in the Daily Hustle… 

We like to celebrate activity and all of the residual benefits that accompany a hard-charging endurance lifestyle.

Once again, this information and the positive benefits revealed here are not any sort of revolutionary uncovering… For thousands of years, we have documented proof of individuals understanding the value of movement and not only what it does for the body, but most importantly, what it does for the mind.

Socrates chimed in with this… 

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training… It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty & strength of which his body is capable.” 

Cicero proclaimed…

“Exercise and temperance will preserve something of our youthful vigor, even into old age.”

Dr. William Buchan, the 18th-century famed Scottish physician, wrote… 

“Of all the causes which conspire to render the life of a man short and miserable, none have greater influence than the want of proper exercise.” 

British poet Jon Gay exalted… 

“Exercise thy lasting youth defends.”

26th President of the United States Teddy Roosevelt took a bit of a different approach to exercise, but it’s one many of us can relate to and learn from… 

“I rarely took exercise merely as exercise.  Primarily I took to it because I liked it.” 

That’s one of the main keys… We have to like it to continue to consistently do it. No matter what it is – hiking, running, biking, swimming or playing a multitude of sports – when we enjoy what we are doing, that will prompt us to do it again. 

Exercise of various forms has the potential to bring us into the moment as much as just about anything… The optimal flow state that we all should be constantly seeking is available and most commonly and easily accessed through exercise.


Why the resistance? 

Well, we as human beings don’t like to start anything that we know will bring discomfort. 

Simply put… 


Once we start, it is never as bad as we anticipate and when we reach that moment when our bodies and brains are firing on all cylinders, we realize how naive we were by succumbing to the original resistance.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a quick list of the many benefits of exercise:

  1. Protect Metabolism Against Aging Effects 
  2. Reduce Body Fat 
  3. Boost HDL (Good Cholesterol) 
  4. Lower LDL (Bad Cholesterol) 
  5. Fight Neurological and Psychological Changes of Aging
  6. Boost Mood
  7. Better Sleep 
  8. Lower Anxiety 
  9. Improve Reflexes 
  10. Increase Sex Drive 

Many of the physiological changes that we endure while aging are either caused or greatly enhanced by disuse, bringing to mind the age old adage we all need to adhere to… 




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