Use It or LOSE IT 🕺

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Recently, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how I am able to pull off some of the shit that I do at my age…

I can give you guys a bullshit cliche answer about how age is just a number, but what the f*ck does that mean?

Of course, it’s just a number, but ultimately, how our mind, body and spirit react to that number is completely up to us…

I’m not ignorant to the aging process nor am I trying to fight Father Time… Last I checked, he was still undefeated and has knocked out every one of his opponents.

Like anything else in life, I believe it’s our responsibility to make the best of whatever current situation is presented to us…

Age is an external factor that we have absolutely no control over, and as a matter of fact, each passing day is a blessing we should be incredibly thankful for, considering the alternative. 💀

The greatest thing about getting older is the accumulated experience and knowledge we are able to obtain through those experiences.

As I have embarked on what many would consider over the top endurance challenges, one of the main questions I receive almost on a daily basis is:

“Doesn’t your body hurt?”

My standard response to that question is the same response I heard from 88-year-old Ironman record holder Lew Hollander, when he said he constantly got asked the exact same question after officially becoming the world’s oldest Ironman finisher a few years ago:

“Does my body hurt? Nah, I use it everyday.”

When we become stagnant and decrease activity and movement, our bodies shut down…

Think about what happens when we have any sort of surgery or broken bone that requires extended period of rest and inactivity…


So in essence, when we stop, our bodies stop.

Look, the goal is not to be Benjamin Button. None of us are going to reverse the clock and nobody is getting out alive… Yet, so long as we are here and have the desire to optimally live our lives at any age, we must KEEP MOVING.

Age isn’t a choice, and with every single day we are given, we will be a day older than the previous day, but what we decide to do with that day is 100% up to us.

Bottom line:


Your choice…