Virtue or Values?

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Recently read a fantastic book called What You Do Is Who You Are written by Silicon Valley icon Ben Horowitz…

Early in the book, Horowitz brings up the difference between virtues and values, stating that virtues dictate our actions while values dictate our beliefs…

Sure, it’s easy to make the argument that they cohesively work together and your values will directly influence and impact your virtues… In a perfect world, this definitely would be the case, but the reality is that the world is far from perfect and as much as we would like to believe our virtues and values perfectly align, that’s not always the scenario.

“What are you trying to say, Byrnes?!?! I work really hard and my work is what is going to bring me to the next level in my life… I expect to be promoted because I am a great listener and empathetic to those around me… I am a leader because I lead by example with my attitude of gratitude and relentless work ethic.”

Hey it’s Sammy SuperSoft!!!! Look Sammy, you are making progress and your values have come a long way… You know what the right thing to do is and every now and again you even do it!  Yet the reality of the situation is that as much as you like to believe that you work hard, your effort is piss poor at best. Going to the gym is great but standing around trying to pick up chicks when you should be hammering out squats isn’t. You think you are a great listener and empathetic but the truth is that your actions say otherwise… When little Billy came to you asking for some hitting advice you told him he swings a wet newspaper, is an embarrassment to the game and should give up the sport. 🤦‍♂️

Your new found values (beliefs) are a step in the right direction but until those values are represented by your virtues (actions), you will continue to be the same lazy, piece of shit, condescending asshole you have always been… 

Just like our dude Ben Horowitz suggests, show me what you do and we will show you who you are!!!



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