Vital Change

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No matter what we do in life, we as human beings have an incredible tendency to get stuck in the past and all too often default to the old way of doing things…

We are comfortable with what we know and if it was previously the model for success, why wouldn’t it be the model of success going forward? 

Well, the answer is pretty simple… 

Life changes.

As life changes, the world changes, people change and our demands change…

With a constantly changing demand comes a commerce and economy that needs to figure out how to quickly adapt the supply chain in order to meet current demands. 

Although we can always learn from our past successes and failures, when we fail to evolve we become increasingly less efficient and way less effective… Ultimately, this will lead to the death of whatever we are trying to hold onto and we can only hope it doesn’t drag us down with it… 

Let this quarantine time be a reminder to rethink how we do everything, question the status quo and challenge ourselves to the core of our existence… Take inventory in your life and ask if there may be a simpler and more rewarding way to live your life while continuing to increase your positive impact on the world.

We love the comfort, we love the safety net and all of the security that comes with it, yet if we want to remain sharp, relevant and continue to survive and thrive in this ever changing world, we must realize that although change may be uncomfortable, it is vital. 



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