We ALL f*ck up🖕

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You ever do stupid shit?

Yup… Me too.

You ever wake up in the morning biting your pillow, while having hot flashes recalling events from the night before?


The good thing is that you are not the only one…

We all have issues in life and make dumb ass decisions typically driven by impulsive behavior that gives zero thoughts and zero f*cks about future consequence.

Ironically, it’s never the issue or action that begins the downhill spiral toward a complete and total mental mind f*ck, but rather, it’s our very own reaction to the problem that dooms us.

We all will make many mistakes in our lives… Yup, even you Harry Holier than Thou.

Yet, it will be left up to our response that will ultimately determine our resiliency.  Our ability to rebound and begin the rebuild process of the bridge we just burnt down has absolutely everything to do with figuring out how to appropriately CHARGE FORWARD.

So the next time you end up with your tail between you legs thinking that you should probably just swallow a 12-gauge, remember to go EASY on yourself, you are not alone…