We can do this!

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Building off of Tuesday’s “Look For It” Daily Hustle, I want to reflect on a few more observations that I have noticed since the COVID-19 quarantine has run rampant across the world… 

  1. Breath Easy – We have diligently tried to fight air pollution for years, but the daily fossil fuel transportation demands have continued to absolutely crush our environment… Now with restrictive travel all across our nation and world, it’s amazing how quickly things have seemingly cleared up. 
  2. Rethink the Norm – For years, we have hustled from one meeting to another because we “have to be there.” Bullshit! Yes it is important for us to communicate and preparation in any endeavor is 100% mandatory, but the thought and idea that we have to be omnipresent is complete and total eye wash.  As a matter of fact, there is a good chance many of us would be more efficient and effective working and meeting remotely.  
  3. Accountability Reigns – Apparently some members of the communist Chinese government have gone to great lengths to try to pin this outbreak on the US or anybody but themselves… Whether this was started by a bunch of sickos eating bats or it was manufactured in a laboratory, I can personally say I don’t really give two fucks. The only thing I or anybody else should care about at this point is finding a legitimate vaccine and taking extreme preventative measures to make sure this doesn’t ever happen again.  Yes, that involves finding the source but the political propaganda BS is a joke and an absolute embarrassment to anybody trying to play the blame game at this point. Accountability has been and always will be the quickest way to redemption. Whenever we screw up in life, we have two gigantic responsibilities, OWN IT and then do whatever we can to make it right. 
  4. We all take everything a little too serious – Whether it’s our jobs, school, sports or politics, we tend to make a really big deal out of all of the things that constitute life… Sure, it’s important to care but too often we become disillusioned into thinking that everything in our world is everything in everyone else’s world. The reality is that we are all specks on a floating rock in the universe and each of the world’s specks has their own issues. Don’t ever be so egotistical to believe the things that matter to you matter to everybody else, because guess what?!?! They don’t. 
  5. What we really NEED to survive – Americans are the worst when it comes to the rat race of acquiring more… We feel like we need to get into a better school, get a better job, make more money, find a bigger and better house, spouse, friends & kids… We are constantly searching for the upgrade but if this forced quiet time and reflection has taught us anything, it’s that we have everything we would ever NEED and a whole lot more right in front of us… 

Yesterday, a girl I work with named Gina posted this gem on social media that helps put this entire COVID-19 social distancing thing into a much broader perspective:

“Your Grandparents were called to war. You’re being called to sit on your couch & wash your hands. You can do this!” 

Yes we can. 👊 



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