Who gets the credit?

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When I think about all the successful teams that I have been a part of since I was a kid…

It’s amazing how many players on those teams couldn’t care less who got the credit:

  • 1986-89, Morey’s Little League DYNASTY
  • 1992-94, Saint Francis Lancer Football 3-Peat CCS Champions
  • 2002, Oakland A’s – Modern Day Record 20-consecutive-game win streak
  • 2002, 2005, Dominican Winter League Champions
  • 2007, Arizona Diamondback NL West Champs
  • 2010-19, MLB Network – Emmy Award Winner for best daily sports program 9 out of 10 years

Of course there are exceptions to the rule, and not everybody on all of these teams were, what I would consider, ultimate teammates…

Yet, the core of these successful teams were so strong with selfless individuals that there was an overwhelming positive influence that turned even the most selfish players into genuine team players.


It’s actually pretty simple…

The culture that is created within a WINNING organization and/or team is far greater any one individual…

And oh yea, EVERYBODY involved realizes it.

This isn’t something that is talked about or declared; it’s something that is shown through the actions of just about every person within the organization.  

Individual jobs and tasks are diligently worked on and executed because that person genuinely cares about the other players on the team and the overall brand of the organization.  

Players and employees are not working just for paychecks; they are working because they have a passion for the process of doing the work and also because they are held accountable by their teammates to DO THEIR JOB.

You ever wonder why Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots, has no problem bringing in guys that often have reputations of not being great team players?

Because he and everybody else within the organization over the past 20 years have created such a f*cking EMPIRE that the Patriots are confident they have the ability to get just about anybody to buy into the “Patriot Way,” predicated on a team first concept…

Not surprisingly, we have often seen castaways with bad reputations be very productive, contributing members of championship New England teams.

If Belichick feels that a certain player puts his own needs over the team, he’s GONE; it’s that simple.

Bottom line is that when we do our jobs with an intense focus on making the team better, and when we don’t give two f*cks who gets the credit, the possibility of individual and team greatness becomes REAL…

Very REAL.