Whose fault is it? 🤷‍♂️

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I very rarely will ever check a bag, but for whatever reason, for the same Houston to NYC then back to SF trip, I decided to pack my gigantic suitcase… Maybe it was because it was a 3-city stop or possibly because I was inspired and went big for the state of Texas… Regardless, the “Got Buckle? Western States 100.2” sticker suitcase was in tow… 

My main reason for not checking a bag usually has nothing to do with having to wait an extra 10 minutes at the airport to retrieve it… My issue is on the front end. In order to check a bag, you have a 45-minute cutoff time before the flight, otherwise they won’t take it… PERIOD.  

Doing my best to maximize the minutes of the day, very rarely will I ever get to the airport more than an hour before my flight… Knowing myself and my typical airport routine, why chance it. 

And yes, of course I had to learn this one the hard way when I showed up 40 minutes before a flight at JFK about a year ago and they sent my ass packing (literally). 

All this said, we arrived at SF airport 47 minutes before our flight and I had to go FULL SEND SPRINT from the car to the check in counter at which I arrived with exactly 45 minutes to go… 

The United representative, with a smile on her face, said simply: “Impressive speed, you just made it.” 

I watched her tag the bag, then send it on it’s way. Yet, when we arrived in Houston… NO BAG. 

The obvious reaction we all feel at that point is, “This is f*cking bullshit, this is exactly why I don’t ever check a bag, United SUCKS donkey balls.” 

It’s only natural to blame the airline, the incompetent luggage dudes, and of course, the bitchy old lady at the counter that is recording our claim with a number 2 pencil as if this is f*cking 1969… 

Thankfully, I refused to fall into this never ending trap and realized there was just one person responsible and one person only…

My wife Tarah.

If she hadn’t driven so gosh damn slow to the airport we would have been there 15 minutes earlier and none of this shit would have been an issue… 

Just kidding. 🤣

It was MY fault… I decided to cram a 10 miler in between two soccer games and a packing session, thus making the entire family much later than we would have liked. 

The great thing is that by taking responsibility for my own actions and tardiness, I was able to accept all blame and never so much as blinked an eye when the bag didn’t arrive. 

When we are able to hold ourselves accountable, we ultimately will save our time, energy and effort for the shit that really matters like the Texas shaped lazy river float, the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, the Astro’s games, and of course, the 8th Wonder of The World salute. #LongLiveTheAstrodome 

Even if we have to do all of it in the same clothes…