Are We Winning?

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Just recently got together with some buddies that I used to play with and put together a baseball team of Young Go Hards that is going to play in a few tournaments around the country throughout the course of the year… 

This isn’t exactly what you would expect it to be considering we are going to play with kids from all over the United States. We will be a bit underaged, undersized and most likely will NOT be the best team at any tournament we enter… 

When it comes to coaching, our number one objective is to make sure the kids have FUN and we definitely all believe in the LESS IS MORE approach. #LetThemPlay 👊

That said, when we enter these tournaments, we need to have a clear cut vision of what constitutes success, and the one thing we will guarantee is that the scoreboard will have nothing to do with it. 

I get it, we are all competitors and the last thing we are trying to do is breed a participation trophy culture… The scoreboard has been and always will be there, but it’s up to us how we want to use it.

Every great individual that I have played with or every great team that I have been on has been so caught up in the process of execution that the results are a mere byproduct of the commitment to constant improvement through tedious action. 

“Whatever you John Wooden wannabe. If winning is not the goal, then what is it?” 

Hey it’s Stevie SuperSoft!!!! 

“We never said winning is not the goal Stevie. We have a team of young SAVAGES who are out to bust balls & kick some serious ass… Yet, we are breeding these little dudes to do DAMAGE by immersing themselves in the process of improvement. Our goal of winning will NOT be defined by the results on the scoreboard. Put simply, it doesn’t tell the entire story and generally is a shitty barometer as to whether or not winning is actually taking place… 

So long as we provide life education and experience while fostering the proper development of these young GO HARDS by pushing them beyond their comfort zone, then and only then will we be winning, no matter what the F*ING scoreboard says.” 

Sweet… Now that we got that clear let’s play ball. ⚾️



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