Create Your Calling

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We have all heard the phrase “find your calling” before, but what exactly does that mean and where are we supposed to be looking? 

A calling can be monumental because it defines how we spend our time, energy and effort navigating life… Yet a calling can also be looked at as something we simply enjoy doing.

Regardless of how complex or basic we want to view our calling, there is only one way to eventually find it…

We must CREATE it. 

Finding our calling isn’t a hunt for the lost fucking treasure, it is a lifestyle that is predicated and built by our words and actions.

Playing Major League Baseball then becoming a parent, broadcaster and ultra-endurance athlete was undoubtedly 4 of my callings in life, but I didn’t find any of them under a rock or buried in the desert… I created them by dedicating thousands of hours to the crafts and experiencing many successes and failures along the way.

Whenever we are searching for anything in life, including our calling, it starts with our actions that inevitably don’t find our calling… They CREATE it. 



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