5 & Dive 😴

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“When I want to sleep and can’t sleep, the best way to find sleep is by stop trying to sleep .” 

-Queen Lucy, Chronicles of Narnia 


Anybody ever lay in bed at night and can’t sleep? 

Then of course we lay there and our mind begins racing, thinking about the big day that lies ahead or the bullshit of the past day’s events… 

At this point, we realize in order to efficiently operate the next day, we better get our asses to sleep…

This is the exact point when the “trying” to sleep usually starts and the force job ineffectively begins. 

As I have in the past, we may even begin counting sheep in a pathetically desperate effort to catch some quality Z’s…

Of course, when I have tried this, for some reason my sheep always seem to be flying off of some sort of gigantic launch ramp and the little fuckers keep pulling off these sick aerials that only awaken me even more.

One thing I think we all have learned here at the Daily Hustle is that we can’t force shit… Yet that’s a lot easier said than done, so let’s look at 5 plausible solutions for our Daily Hustle incessant insomniacs:

  1. Grounding – Yup, this isn’t the first time I have brought this up. Our bodies are electrically charged machines that need to find balance. The same way electrical outlets have a spot for a grounding prong, so do we… Plant your bare feet into the earth (preferably wet grass) close your eyes and feel the air pass through your nostrils… Trust me, this is next level shit! If you want to take it a step further, there are actually grounding sheets you can buy that plug into the grounding prong.
  2. Eliminate Distractions – Get the phone, TV and any other electronics OUT of the bedroom… The blue light in new devices alone is enough to keep us awake for hours. This idea sounds great but the world we live in is so electronically driven that this is most likely unrealistic for many of you sickos so let’s move on…
  3. Lower the Room Temperature – My preference is 60 or below, but find a temp between 60 and 70 that is comfortable for you… Consider taking a quick cold shower to help lower the body’s core temperature which automatically helps promote sleep.  It’s 30 seconds of ice cold water… suck it up buttercup! 
  4. Read – As a slayer of audiobooks, I thank the good Lord each day for their invention… The mental stimulation I receive from a good audiobook fuels my days and thirst for learning… Yet, there is something about reading a real book that not only puts my kids to sleep, but I can barely make it through a simple chapter without dozing off… Basically, nothing has changed in my relationship with real books since I got caught sawing logs in Mrs. Mel’s 7th grade English class.
  5. “TRY” to Stay Awake – Yup, we know how powerfully ineffective it is when we try to go to sleep, so why not try to stay awake.? This is a complete and total mind f*ck that works every single time… 

So tonight when you are laying in bed unable to sleep because of the anticipation of next week’s Daily Hustles, go ahead & implement the 5 & Dive. 😴